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 Story im making with a friend of mine (chapter 1)

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Story im making with a friend of mine (chapter 1) Empty
PostSubject: Story im making with a friend of mine (chapter 1)   Story im making with a friend of mine (chapter 1) EmptyWed Jan 02, 2008 10:47 pm

anything under ---------------- is updated

Chapter 1

Earth sector, 31st August 2821, 13:00 hours. Earth orbit.

“This is Earth traffic control hailing Interstellar Hauling flight 754, this part of the sector is arranged for a military contest starting in 1 hour, please leave the area at once or stay at your own risk, we will not be responsible for any damage done to your ship, its cargo or its crew.”
“Roger that traffic control, we are moving out of the subsector, is it ok if we pass through on our way to the docking facility in the defence grid?”
“Flight 754, you have permission. Have a nice day.”

Earth sector, 31st August 2821, 13:55. Earth orbit.

“This is the Terran Armed Forces flagship TAF Invincible, all ships please move to your designated positions and await further orders, the race will begin in 5 minutes.”

Earth sector, 31st August 2821, 13:56. Asteroid mining facility Gamma-3.

“All prisoners, your shift will end in 4 minutes, stop with your work and head for the food facility to receive your lunch.”

Earth sector, 31st August 2821, 13:57. Pirate Base 1 near Pluto.

“All right everyone, let’s get the party started, are the charges set?”
“Yes sir, all the charges have been set.” As one of the pirates said.
“Ok then, get the party started, are the ships ready to get away?”
“Warpdrives are spinning and the base is rigged to go up directly after the bomb on the race course goes.”
“Good, everyone, head to your ships and leave, we are evacuating.”

Earth sector, 31st August 2821, 14:00. Earth orbit.

“This is the TAF Invincible calling all racers, the race will begin in 5…..
And as the call sign went out, all ships went to full speed to complete a huge racecourse, spanning the entire Earth orbit, and the a race to the Moon and back. The race would take 5 hours to complete, the racers are all in modified fighters from the TAF, the TF Navy and the ORS.
“This is the ORS Atlantis, calling Invincible, are they started?”
“Roger that Atlantis, they are on their way and should meet up with you in about an hour.”
“Got that Invincible, Atlantis out.”

Earth sector, 31st August 2821, 14:30. Earth orbit.

“ORS Atlantis to Invincible! An accident has just occurred near the race course end in Lunar orbit, a bomb went off there and they all need evac ASAP, we’re calling a quit on the race and are making our way there now.
”Atlantis, this is Invincible, got it meet you there.”

Earth sector, 1st September 2821, 12:00. Kuyper Belt near Pluto.

“This is TAF recon squad Alpha-prime, we found the ruins of a pirate base here, it seems that a nuke went off, the remains are flooded with radiation. We are still trying to determine the exact time of explosion, but we guess it can’t be more then a day.”
“Roger that Alpha-prime, Invincible to Atlantis, how are the repairs going to the hull? That evac-transporter somehow rammed you due to a navigational error, and they weren’t flying on autopilot.”
“They are going good Invincible, we shouldn’t be here for another 3 days. But be advised, we saw multiple unknown contacts closing in on the shipyards here in Omicron Centauri.”

Omicron Centauri sector, 2nd September 2821, 15:00. Omicron Centauri 1 orbit.

“This is worker 15 for Atlantis, I am now starting on repairing the engine housings in section 36-gamma, are they shut? I don’t want to burn to death here.”
“Roger that worker 15, they are closed and you got permission to start repairs.”
“Sensor room to bridge! We got multiple incoming contacts on long-range sensors!”
One hour later chatter went from the CIC to all hangarbays, fighters were given clearances to launch.
“Squadron 1, clear for take-off.”
“Squadron 2, wait for 1 to clear.”
“All other squadrons, wait for our signals to launch.”
“This is squadron 1, we are in space and moving towards the enemy, course 330-203, confirmed enemy contacts, 3 corvettes and 5 fighter squadrons, possible carrier backup, Atlantis scan for more enemy targets.”

“Atlantis to all ships, watch your back since we’ve got reports of an unknown Carrier class ship heading this way, it is launching more ships as we speak. All fighters, return to the landing bays”
The enemy carrier launched 5 nukes.
”Shipyard Alpha to Atlantis! Nukes are heading in your direction, 3 are heading towards you and we got 2 locks ourselves.”
”Atlantis guncrews, target and shoot the nukes, all fighters get back here ASAP!”
The Atlantis was able to shoot down the nukes, but…
“Shipyard to Atlantis, we are evacua…”
Suddenly, the Atlantis only received static and parts of conversations.
“Oh my gods, focus camera on the shipyard and prep the jumpdrive. Are all the fighters in?”
“Yes sir, all fighters are in and engineering reports jumpdrive revved up in 30 seconds.”
“Faros to all stations, we are jumping to CX-234F”

CX-234F sector, 15th September 2821, 07:00. Shipyard around CX-234F IV, Gas Giant.

“Are you sure the radiation shields will hold when we come in for dock?”
Faros just wanted to know for sure if he wouldn’t be putting the shipyard on the line for repairs, talking about irony. Faros trusted his officer at the helm, he had known him for about 5 years now, and he was on the bridge of the Atlantis ever since she got out of spacedock.
”Atlantis you are cleared for docking, we have extended the radiation shield to protect both you and the station, come in at 50kp/h.”
The docking went on without any difficulties, and the crew of the Atlantis went out for a walk through the shipyard, some of them were going to the gym for some exercising, and others went down to the biodome to play a game of baseball or soccer, which both have been played for over a millennium already, far before people even heard of the ORS, TF or the TAF.
As Faros was walking through the station he received a comm from the stations’ commanding officer: “Faros, could you please come over to my room, I got some things to discuss.”
“Yes sir, I’m on my way.”
As he walked to the officers’ quarters he stopped for a minute to look down onto the gas giants clouds, it was a beautiful sight, he almost even forgot that he was on the move.
“Come in Faros.” He heard as he knocked on the CO’s door.
“You had things to discuss with me? I’d like it fast since I’m taking the Atlantis back to Theta Cygnus for major repairs in 2 hours.”
“I just wanted to give you this report Faros, you can go again now.”
As Faros left the office he took a quick look at the RAD (report access device) and saw that it was marked: Priority 1, for Adm. Faros of the ORS. As soon as Faros saw that he walked back to the Atlantis just a bit faster.
As soon as he got to war room on the Atlantis he took the RAD again and started reading it:
Priority 1: Combat report of 9-15-2931, inspector Hayes made this report.
‘We detected nothing out of the ordinary on the ship until we came to the part of the ship where the nuke hit. The nuke was just vaporised but 100 meters below the explosion, there was another missile that didn’t go off at impact. After further studying it we came to the conclusion that this was just a failed experiment, the missile was supposed to go off in the middle of the combat zone, it had a very powerful ECM burst capability, effectively blinding the sensors of the Atlantis so that it didn’t know where to shoot anymore. We were lucky that this missile failed to go off, since we now got more information on the sensor systems the pirates or aliens use, since they wont hit there own sensors with it.”
Faros read on some more until he came across another part, which had nothing to do with the report itself but just was a record of a sound one of the pilots made to the pirate/alien carrier:
“Three are one, one is two. We struck luck here. With shipyard and enemy capital ship destroyed, we move on to the next target. Next target is 20 days away in constellation 2-4G.”
Faros suddenly realized that the constellation they were talking about was the one that contained Theta Cygnus, they had to hurry.
“Faros to all stations and all Atlantis crew on the station, get to your stations”, we are moving in 15 minutes. Destination is Theta Cygnus.
The order was given and the Atlantis moved out, Faros did his best to contact as many other ORS ships that were near to make their way to Theta Cygnus as well, but some would arrive a hour or more to late.

Theta Cygnus sector, 22nd September 2931”, 12:00. Theta Cygnus fleet shipyards.

“Admiral, the Sparta is on it’s way here with the 2nd fleet, they will arrive in about one hour.”
“Good, tell the fleet commander that he gets the battlecarrier with his fleet here double-time, we need them as soon as possible.”
Enemy ships were getting closer and closer, their arrival time was 30 minutes, the Battlecarrier ORS Sparta were to come in another 30 minutes later, along with them came the 2nd fleet of the ORS. The 1st fleet was already here with the Atlantis. The Battlecarrier Troje would come in with the 3rd fleet in 6 hours, but the battle might be over by then.
“This is admiral Faros calling all units on board the 1st fleet. We are the last line of defence for the fleet shipyards. Do not let our enemies board the ships whilst in combat, get to the nearest small arms lockers and get your guns. The Sparta and Troje are incoming, but they won’t be able to help us in the first 30 minutes, the Troje will arrive in 6 hours.”
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Story im making with a friend of mine (chapter 1)
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