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 Sonnema Endurancy Trial

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PostSubject: Sonnema Endurancy Trial   Sonnema Endurancy Trial EmptyWed Oct 22, 2008 8:31 pm

Sonnema Endurancy Trial Sonnema_Race

It's time again for the new corp Trails.
This time a little less violent and everyone can join in.

The course is as you can see in the picture Smile it's +/- 1400KM flying

Main Rules for all races:
Every Pilot got 2 ships of eacht kind
If you get killed in first ship, then you may warp to the can nearest to the slowest person.
No warping to opponents or cans, just flying
No podding!
No passive drakes or alike! (don't want to bore eachother to hell)
No T2 logistic ships!
No other rules Evil or Very Mad ..... Free For All.

Round 1: Frigate Run
Goal - Get as fast as you can from Start to Finish
Rules - Every pilot can use there own T1/Named ship(s) and items

Round 2: Cruiser Run
Goal - Getting over the finish the first and alive
Rules - Q & A will play judge and jury, while the rest of the group races.

Round 3: Hauler Run
Goal - Working together to let the hauler make it to the finish
Rules - Gangs of 2/3 peeps under a wing with Amish
FarosWarrior flies a cruiser and may attack/web/jam anyone anytime (custom fittings and multiple ships)
Every Gang flies a custom fitted T1 Hauler and 1/2 support frigs/cruisers with custom fitting (T2 and faction @ own cost and risk)
Every Gang can have 2 Haulers and 4 supportships in total as backup
If the Hauler gets destroyed it's getting your new ship and warping back to the last can you passed.

Hope you like it ...

Proposed dates are:
02-11-2008 @ around 16:00 eve
08-11-2008 @ around 16:00 eve
09-11-2008 @ around 16:00 eve

Let me know what you think and what date you can/prefer... also if you can't come!

Kind Gerards,

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PostSubject: Re: Sonnema Endurancy Trial   Sonnema Endurancy Trial EmptyWed Oct 22, 2008 9:16 pm

count me in!

Twisted Evil
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Sonnema Endurancy Trial
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