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 Damage types/tank this

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Damage types/tank this Empty
PostSubject: Damage types/tank this   Damage types/tank this EmptyWed Jan 09, 2008 12:47 am

On many occasions some corpmates asked me for damagetypes/what kind of damage to do.

for missions id prefer caldari ships (allround damage, good tank with shield if you got skills) since they can do damage across the board

damage types:

Angel: Exp kin, some therm/em
Sansha: EM, therm
Blood: see above
Guristas: Kin/therm
Mercenaries: all across the board, heavy therm/kin, same goes for drones
rest i dont know from my head, but this will be the most common damagetypes enemies

What 2 shoot?

basically its shoot with the kind of damage being dealt to you

please post replies for more info/ things to update, hope its been good

BTW: Amarr ship (mean laz0r boat) VS Angel, NOT GOOD IDEA, why? armor tanking sucks vs exp/kin and you wont do any damage at all, even with some good skills, so your laz0r guns will do shitty damage whilst angel do shitloads of damage against you

thats why i go for caldari, easy tank on it all and i can do loads of damage Smile

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Damage types/tank this Empty
PostSubject: Dmg type   Damage types/tank this EmptyWed Jan 09, 2008 7:13 pm

Ty Faros.

This would help me to choose what drones to bring Very Happy
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Damage types/tank this
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